Stamping Your Wedding Invitations

When you start the process of looking for the perfect stationery for your wedding or event, you will probably be faced with the question of what to do with your envelopes. Should your home address be printed, written by a calligrapher, on labels, or hand written? Printing and calligraphy certainly give a formal look to the envelopes but are an expense. Labels are an easy method to use but don’t convey a formal look. You can certainly hand write your address but let’s face it, is your handwriting that good?

There is a fifth option – using a custom address stamp. Stamping your address on envelopes is easy, inexpensive, and the stamp becomes a keepsake to use after your are married!

Below are some of our favorite custom address stamp designs from Etsy.

(Here at 3 Bees Paperie, we offer both unprinted and printed envelopes from our ready-to-order wedding invitation line.)

by Foryoo

by PaperSushi

by NoteTrunk

by Foryoo

by NoteTrunk

by Kathryn Murphy Calligraphy

by Simple and Pretty

by Sweet Paperie

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