Advice: Birth Announcements

RajkumariCreating a birth announcement is the perfect way to introduce your new addition to the family! Here’s what to keep in mind when ordering birth announcements:

1. Photography: Treat your baby like a celebrity and take tons of photographs! Take different angles using different outfits. Do close-ups of the face, feet, and hands. Include some family portraits. Consider B&W photos too or ask your graphic designer to convert the color photographs into B&W or sepia.

Using baby photos in your birth announcements puts your baby in the spotlight! Incorporating your baby’s photos can also provide a great keepsake for your family and friends. And think about elderly relatives who live far away too who may not be computer-savvy enough to access your online photo albums.

2. Design: Choosing a design can be tough but keep in mind a theme you may want to go with. Animals? Horoscope?  Patterns? Bright colors? Pastels? If you want to pay homage to your ethnic or religious tradition, ask your graphic designer to incorporate cultural or religious symbols.

3. Wording: At minimum, your birth announcement should include your baby’s name, the parents’ names, and the baby’s date of birth. You can also include other details like the baby’s weight, height, and time of birth. Other information that can be printed include siblings’ names, grandparents’ names, and scriptures or quotes.

4. When to send: Birth announcements can be created and sent up to six months after birth.

(Originally published for Masala Mommas)

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