Designing Destination Wedding Invitations


Who doesn’t love a destination wedding? Not only does it set a unique backdrop to your wedding, it gives your family and friends the opportunity to travel to somewhere new! Incorporating a local flavor into your wedding will make your event stand out, and wedding invitations are a great place to do that.

Below are some ways your wedding invitations can set the tone of distant locales for your guests.

Include an illustrated map

Kerala Map 640We loved working on this illustrated map for our clients. Though the couple lived in America, their wedding took place in Kerala, India. We created this butter yellow card with pictograms for the couple’s Save the Dates.

Incorporate the local architecture in the design


Any trip to Rajasthan, India finds a traveler in awe. From colorful buildings to ornately carved palaces, Rajasthani architecture is one-of-a-kind. The domes of Rajasthan’s palaces are mimicked in Jaipur, a bright orange and plum stationery suite, fit for a fun and festive wedding. (Jodhpur photo: dwrawlinson)

Include local flowers on the invitation

For these clients, jet-setting off to the bohemian beaches of Goa was a perfect setting for their wedding. The bright blue and pink invitations included a non-traditional depiction of lotus leaves on the invitation and outer envelope, to set the tone for a fun and modern wedding.

Priyanka and Hari2 640

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