4 Wedding Invitation Myths

RupaSreedhar GatefoldPlanning for your wedding doesn’t have to be confusing. And conceptualizing your wedding invitations doesn’t have to be an ordeal either. Below are four myths about wedding invitations based on common questions from our clients.

Myth 1: I have to send out Save the Dates.

Save the Dates are recommended for destination weddings or weddings that have a lot of out-of-town guests, as a measure to allow guests to plan their travels ahead of time. But if your wedding is taking place in your current city, you don’t have to send out Save the Dates.

Myth 2: I have to list our parents/family members on the invitation.

Traditionally, invitations would list out the parents of the bride and groom at the top of the invitation to signify the parents as hosts of the celebration. In South Asian wedding invitations, extended family members are also listed on a separate insert as co-hosts. However, these days some brides and grooms are doing away with these traditions as more and more couples are footing the bill of the wedding themselves and as family structures become more complex.

The bottom line: word your invitations as you see fit.

Myth 3: My invitation colors have to match my wedding colors.

Not necessarily. You can incorporate other details from the wedding into your invitations such as flowers, location, theme, motifs, etc..

Myth 4: DIY invitations are cheaper than purchased ones.

Making your own wedding invitations may turn out to be easier on your wallet. Or it may not. It all depends on what exactly you are looking for and your own craftiness skill set. DIY invitations could end up being more costly when you factor in the types of materials used, the number of test drafts you create, and the amount of time you devote in labor. What we recommend to brides and grooms, leave the invitations to the professionals.

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