How to Add Holi to Your Wedding

holi-feast-3Happy Holi from the team at 3 Bees Paperie! This is one of our favorite holidays and we wish all our bee fans a beautiful spring season!

For those not familiar with Holi, it is a Hindu holiday from South Asia to celebrate the coming of spring. Also known as the festival of colors, one major aspect of this holiday is a giant color throwing fight! Across India and other parts of South Asia, people gather on the streets and at homes to throw colored powders and water.

How to Add Holi to Your Wedding

1. Have a Holi color throwing event as part of your wedding activities. Find a field, park, or a backyard where you have permission to throw colors. Encourage guests to wear white and old clothes. (Make sure this is not part of your actual wedding or reception as fabrics may stain.)

2. Send Holi themed wedding invitations. How cute would it be to invite your guests with cards of specks and swirls of bright colors? (Contact us to make it happen!)

3. Incorporate the fun of Holi in your engagement shoot. Here are some of our favorite shots from creative couples.

(Photo by Erna Loock Photography)

(Photo by Priscila Valentina Photography)

(Photo by Jerry Yoon Photographers)

(Photo by Mike L. Photography)

(Photo by G+H Photography)

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