4 Fun Ideas for the Kids’ Table

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Whether you are planning a wedding, a shower, or any other adult-centric party, keeping kids entertained means keeping kids happy. And happy kids can ensure a smoother run event. Here are four, fun ideas to occupy the little ones’ time while the grown-ups are partying it up!

1. Color Me Happy

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A classic way to keep kids focused and occupied is to provide materials to color with. Crayons, markers, colored pencils are great with coloring books, paper place mats, or plain pieces of paper.

2. Build Me Up

Who doesn’t love legos? Keep a bowl of the building blocks on a table and let the kids’ imaginations run wild!

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3. I Spy With My Little Eye…

The kiddos don’t have to be sequestered off to a corner. Give them a scavenger hunt game that will allow them to interact with the guests!

(Source: The Knot)

4. Roll the Dice

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An easy way to keep kids happy is to provide classic board and card games – like Uno, Candyland, and the Memory Game.




10 Tips to Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding or Event

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1.Use eco-friendly paper for your invitations and event stationery. We carry FSC-certified papers. FSC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council, an organization that sets strict standards  to assure that forests are managed responsibly. Any paper that is FSC-certified means that the paper was produced in a sustainable way  by protecting the habitat, preventing pollution, planting more trees, and protecting communities indigenous to the forest. (Read more about our commitment to being green here.)

2. Use as many local vendors as possible for items that would need to be transported the day-of (cake, tables, florals, etc). This cuts down on gasoline and harmful car emissions.

3. Hold the wedding or event in a location that’s closest to the majority of guests. This reduces the need for guests’ transportation as well as reducing your event’s carbon footprint.

4. To reduce the need for decorations and flowers, choose a venue that already has natural decor, like a greenhouse or a garden.

5. Look for caterers who specialize in organic and/or locally-grown food. You can even try serving organic wine at your event.

6. Donate leftover food and flowers to local shelters.

7. Avoid disposable products as much as you can. Rent tables, linens, plates, silverware, and glassware.

8. For weddings, consider asking bridesmaids to wear their own dresses within a specific color palette. For the bride and groom, choose a vintage gown and suit! Or donate your used bridal wear to charity after the event.

9. Consider going on a eco-tourism honeymoon once the wedding is over. Look for hotels and resorts that specialize in eco-friendly services.

10. Instead of gifts, ask your guests to donate to your favorite charity.

Writing Thank You Cards

After any event, you may want to kick off your heels and relax your little toes for a job well done. But the work is not over just yet. Thanking your guests for attending and for their gifts is a crucial part to any event planning process. Below are some tips on writing thank you notes for your guests.

  • As you receive RSVPs and gifts prior to your event, keep a log of who is coming and who gave you what.  Make sure to have up-to-date records of your guests mailing addresses too.
  • Whether you receive gifts on the day of the event or prior, make sure to keep the corresponding greeting card with the gift.
  • Designate a second person as a gift logger. If you are having a big event, say a 300+ guest wedding, and are expecting a lot of gifts on the day off, it helps if a second person can keep track of your gifts while you are tending to guests.
  • Don’t wait too long to send out thank you notes – the sooner, the better. For weddings, try to send them out no later than 3 months after the event.
  • Not sure what to write? Thank your guests for attending and identify the gift your guests gave to you and how much you appreciate it. If you are writing thank you cards for a wedding or baby shower, signing the note as a couple is a great personal touch.